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Measurement Lab [Transducer Lab] -
Venturi Flow Measurement Trainer (UITM-22)
UNITECHS venturi flow measurement trainer comprises of an Venturi meter fitted between the piping. A small FHP pump is used to circulate the water through the piping. Pressure ports brought out from the Venturi meter are connected to a U tube mercury manometer to measure the pressure difference. Collecting tank of capacity 5 liter is provided with graduations to measure water level. Digital timer is fixed to calculate the flow rate. Flow can be controlled using a manual control valve. The complete setup is mounted on a table top model.
Venturi Meter
Water pump
Flow rate
Measuring tank
Flow control
:  1/4" pipe of Max. flow rate 100 LPH
:  FHP vertical pump
:  Max. 100 LPH
:  U Tube Mercury Manometer
:  Transparent 5-liter capacity tank
:  Digital timer to measure time up to 999 sec.
:  Manually operated control valve