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Control Lab Equipment -
Temperature Loop Control Setup (ULP-27)

Unitech’s Temperature Control Loop Setup is basically a PC based PID controller setup used for closed loop and open loop analysis of temperature process system. The setup comprises of RTD temperature Sensor. The water flows through the Rotameter and Process tank to which a heating coil is fitted. The heater is controlled by a Thirstier drive. The Thirstier drive is connected to PID controller. The manual control valve can control the water flow. The system is mounted on a tabletop model with all necessary Piping. Water at approx. 100 LPH has to be supplied to a system externally. The electronic panel comprises of ADC/DAC card with RS-232 interfaces.

Software is provided for experimentation, Control action like PD, PI, PID can be conducted. Online data acquisition, trend plot are the salient feature of the system. Off line analysis, Printing of data graph can be done easily. The software is compatible with windows XP operating system. Detail Manual will be provided to conduct experiment.

Temperature Transmitter
Water Heater
Water Circulation
Source Tank
Thirstier Card

Water Controller


:  RTD(PT-100)
:  0-100 degree C Output-4-20mA
:  3kw at 1 to 2 LPM Maximum 100 degree centigrade.
:  FHP pump with necessary piping (Flexible type).
:  SS Tank of capacity 20 ltrs (approximately)
:  Thirstier power controller capacity 3 KW, Input-4-20mA
   Output 0 to 230 V Ac.
:  Manual control valve to control water flow rate.
:  230V 50 Hz.
:  Mounted on a Powder coated metal frame
   (approximately 650X500X750 LXBXH)
:  PC based dedicated PID software to control the process,
   control action P, PI, PID. Trend plot with online and off
   line. Printing and analysis.
:  - Digital Temperature Indicator with Retransmission
    - Hot air Oven of 12” x 12” (upto 200 Deg C) in lieu of
      Water Heater
    - Personal computer with latest features.