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Measurement Lab [Transducer Lab] -
Instrumentation Tutor
Instrumentation Tutor - I
This comprises of temperature and speed using different methods. RTD, thermistor and thermocouple are used as sensors with digital temperature indicator to measure temperature. A small water kettle is supplied as a temperature source upto 100°C. Glass bead thermometer is used as standard temperature measurement source to conduct the experiment. Magnetic and photo reflective sensors are used to measure speed. A FHP motor with speed regulator is used as speed source. To the shaft 60 teeth tone wheels are fixed to generate pulses.
Instrumentation Tutor - II
This comprises of measurement of displacement & strain. To measure the displacement, LVDT is used as sensor of range ±10 mm. A calibration jig with micrometer is supplied to conduct the experiment. For strain measurement cantilever beam bonded with four strain gauges is used as sensor. Pan and weights upto 1 Kg is provided to conduct the experiment. Digital readout is provided to measure the parameters.
Instrumentation - III
This comprises of piezoelectric crystal to measure vibration force, LDR to measure light intensity with respect to distance, capacitance to measure displacement, resistance to measure angular displacement. The components used are supplied with the setup to conduct the experiments. An attempt is made to demonstrate the usage of the components in measurement and instrumentation field. Digital readout is provided to show the measured parameter.
Instrumentation Tutor - IV
This comprises of load, torque & pressure. For measurement of load a strain gauge based load cell of capacity 1 Kg is supplied. For torque measurement a torque cell of 1 Kg-m with fulcrum arm of 1M length is supplied. Dead weight upto 1 Kg is supplied to conduct the experiment. For pressure measurement pressure cell of 5 Kg/cm² capacity is supplied along with a foot pump & bourdon pressure gauge to build pressure upto 5 Kg/cm² to conduct the experiment. Digital readout is provided to indicate the parameter.