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Pneumatic / Hydraulic Trainer - Hydraulic Trainer

   Sump : 10-20 Liter Capacity (Approximate)
   Vane or Gear Type
   Flow : 10-20 LPM at Working Pressure
      35-50 Kg/Cm2
   Drive Motor : 1-2 HP Single Phase, Induction
      motor - 1400 - 2000 RPM
   Pressure Relief valve for safety and pressure
   Valve : Direction control
   Flow Control : Pressure reducing, Sequencing,
      Non-Return, Solenoid operated directional
      control valve, and relief valve. 2 - 4 Numbers
     of pressure gauges.
   Hydraulic cylinder : Double acting (2 nos)
   Return line filter
   Sequencing and pressure reducing
   Hydraulic cylinder
   Single acting (1 No)
   Two numbers of pressure gauges will be provided
      for measuring processes.
   Solenoid operated direction control valve and
      Non-Return valve.
   Universal manifold
   Programmable Logic Control for Timing
   Limit switch - 3 nos