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Flow Measurement Trainer Using Orifice Meter
This setup is a table top model, it comprises of source and measuring tank. The measuring tank is of acrylic with liters graduated. A small FHP pump is fitted to circulate the water. A orifice meter with U-tube manometer is provided to measure the flow rate. A rotameter is provided to measure the exact flow rate. Control valve is provided to control the water flow rate. Digital timer is provided to notedown the duration of flow.


Flow Rate

Water Tank

Power Supply
:  UITM-151 [U-tube Manometer Sensor]
:  UITM-152 [Differential Pressure Sensor]
:  Orifice plate embedded between two metal tubings.
:  UITM-151-U tube manometer with Mercury filled.
:  UITM-152-Differential type piezo resistive pressure sensor.
:  60 to 600 LPM
:  60 to 1700 LPM Acrylic body. Rotameter for known
   flow measurement.
:  FHP Manoblock.
:  SS tank of capacity 25 liters for water storage and circulation.
:  for UITM-152
:  3½ digit to read ±1999 counts.
:  230V ± 10% @50 Hz