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a. PLC Working Modules -
Elevator Lift Control Module
This model is intended as a control object for programming exercises with a control system, PLC or computer. The process consists of a lift cage to be moved between 3+Ground floor. Push buttons are provided on all the floors to call the lift. The lift cage has LEDs to indicate the lift position and a button for door open/close simulation. Geared DC motor is used to move the cage up and down through a pulley and rope arrangement.


Logic level

:  Lift up, Lift down, 4 lift position LEDs 8 acknowledgement
   LEDs, buzzer for error indication.
:  4 proximity sensors, 4 lift calling push buttons.
   Door open / close toggle switch, buzzer, lift up lift down.
:  24V DC.
:  via 4mm patch card terminals or d type sub-plugs for
   quick connection to PLC base plate.
:  650×340×400(H×B×D,mm)approx.