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Measurement Lab [Transducer Lab] -
Differential Pressure Transmitter Trainer
This table top model comprises of two pressure chambers. One for high pressure and another for low pressure. The two pressure chambers are fitted with pressure gauges. The differential pressure transmitter is connected to the two chambers. The pressure is built by a foot air pump. Digital instrument is provided to indicate the differential pressure with transmitter output.

Pressure Range
Different Pressure Sensor
Different Setup
Transmitter O/P
Display Resolution

:  UITM 21.
:  0-15 PSI.
:  Piezoresistive type 0-30 PSI Sensor.
:  Two Pressure chambers coupled with valve in between.
:  3½ digit LED display.
:  4-20mA for 0 to 15 PSI.
:  0-1mA Pressure 0.1 PSI.
:  Foot air pump to build pressure.Necessary cable & Fixtures.