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Control Lab Equipment -
Current to Pressure Measurement Trainer
Current to Pressure Trainer. This setup comprises of a I to P converter fitted on a base. Two pressure gauges are fitted one at the input side and the other at the output of the I to P converter. A current source with digital display is provided to excite the I to P converter. A constant air supply should be provided to the system at 20 PsI Pressure from a standard compressor.
I to P
Air Pressure Required
Pressure Gauge
Current Force
Current o/p
Power Supply
Accessories Supplied
:  UITM-16
:  Input 4 to 20mA. Output 3 to 15 PSI
:  30 to 80 PSI continues.
:  Bourdon pressure gauge 30 PSI 4”-2 No’s

:  3½ digit LED display.
:  4 to 20mV Variable by a potentiometer.
:  0-1mA
:  230V 50 Hz
:  Air Regulator with fitter. Necessary tubings and cable.
:  Air compressor at extra cost.