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Control Lab Equipment -
Control Valve Characteristics Trainer (ULP-23)

Control Valve trainer comprises of globe type control valve (½”) with diaphragm type Pneumatic actuator. The control valve is of linear / Equal% type. The setup comprises of water pump with necessary flexibal piping, Water tank, I to P converter, Air regulator fitted on a table top powder coated metal frame.

Digital 4 – 20mA variable current source is provided to control the I/P converter. Rota meter is provided to measure the flow rate at which changes as per the valve opening. Detail Manual will be provided to conduct experiment.

Valve Type
Control Type
Travel Length
Pressure Controller

Water Circulation
Flow Sensor
Storage Tank
Mounting Frame

Accessories (Optioanl)
:  Globe valve ½” Body CI/SS
:  Liner or Equal % ( or both as per order)
:  15 to 18mm
:  Pneumatic actuator with Positioner input pressure 3 to 15 PSI
:  I to P Converter, input 4 to 20 mA, Output 3 to 15 PSI inlet
   Pressure 30 PSI
:  0.5HP Monoblock pump with necessary tubings
:  Rotameter 50 to 1500 liters
:  SS tank of capacity 20 liters approximately
:  230V +/-10% @ 50 Hz
:  Table top Powder coated Metal frame
   Dimension(650 x 500 x 700) (L x B x H) approximately
:  Air compressor
      - Turbine flow meter in leiu of Rotameter
      - LVDT with Displacement Indicator for Stem travel    
Salient Features : -

   Table top model doesn’t require much space in the lab.
   Stand alone unit (except air supply) to work without any external resources.
   Ideal for students to study characteristics of control valves.